With the release of SRB2Kart 1.2, HTTP downloading is now officially supported. Dedicated servers no longer need to maintain a file index—you can directly download any addons you need from within the game, in a way that's fast and stable. MAXFILES has also been raised to an incredible 127, allowing any server to host as much content as they would ever want, so repacks can finally fade into the past.

This probably means the end of as you know it. There's not really reason to maintain indexes anymore...except for player-hosted servers, who don't usually have access to a webserver.

So here's something I think is pretty neat.

You might know about my Kart server, :D? jart, which randomly selects addons from a huge pool of community content. I asked for the community's help with pulling in files and keeping them up to date, and the support has been overwhelming.

But the goal behind jart wasn't really to build a randomized meme server; that was a fun side effect. The real goal was to gather a massive amount of addons in a way that could be automatically downloaded. The result is a universal HTTP mirror that can be used by anyone, even without a dedicated server or hosting experience.

http_source ""

With one line in your kartexec.cfg, player-hosted servers gain HTTP access to over 200 community addons, with more on the way.

I have a lot of ideas for how to pull in more content, making more files available faster, but those will be worked out in the coming weeks and months. For now, this contains nearly every community course, nearly every popular character pack, and a ton of singleton characters and gameplay scripts; if you want an MB release added to the repository, or if you just want to ask about how this all works, you can visit

Kart's initial release hooked me completely, and the fact that the game's never stopped getting better since then is almost...baffling. Contributors of all kinds have put in hundreds of hours of tireless work to support something they love, and even when official development switched focus away from 1.X, community developers and addon creators have never stopped for a moment. The pace at which this community keeps racing, battling, spriting and scripting is dizzying; I seem to be drawn to niche games with niche communities, but I've never seen one this bustling and full of life.

Thank you to everyone—and I mean everyone, whether you're a Krew member, a casual player, or anything in between. The community's boundless energy and seemingly endless good faith has kept me moving—and no matter what support the netgame community needs, I'll keep trying my best.

Here's to a new era.


-Tyron - the kart meta-index

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