Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart is a classic-style kart racer that puts you in control. Time trial on over 100 lovingly-crafted courses, race online with up to 16 players, or create your own characters, tracks and gametypes. And it's free.

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Built for party play, intense competition, and everything in between. Familiar items and mechanics have subtle twists with layers of mastery—no free hits, no bullshit.

"you can launch someone into the stratosphere or off a cliff so the game is good" —Siregulus
"There are lots of cute girls to play as which is pretty good" —runa

Master the perfect line with finely-tuned miniturbos, shake homing missiles with wild turns, play mindgames with orbital items, and frontrun with the Self-Propelled Bomb chasing you down.

"the spb haunts my nightmares to this day. please send help" —ZeverousNova
"the green shells are actually good in this game" —Twillsky
"mario kart made by people who actually play their game" —Lazuli
"I've been playing since day 1 and I suck, but it doesn't matter because I still enjoy it." —SteelT

Following in the wake of history's longest-running Sonic fangame, SRB2Kart is packed with classic charm and manic attention to detail—a labor of love refined for nearly a decade.

"like skyrim with go-karts" —Gunla
"This game ruined my career" —eebrozgi (of System Erasure)

Community-driven and 100% free. Built for modding from day 1, with hundreds of fan-made courses and characters. Get online in seconds with your choice of community servers, or host your own games and play how you want.

"srb2kart is great because I can shoehorn in as much dumb shit that nobody wants to play as I like and nobody can stop me" —Chengi
"jart" —james


like, seriously, the game's under 200MB

Download on GitHub

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