Quick Start Reference

Juicebox is a gameplay mod designed to create interesting choices, reduce unnecessary punishment, and keep players together. It's designed mostly for fun, but keeps competition intact by rewarding smart driving and snap decisions.

There are no handling changes and no new controls, but there are a few new mechanics...

Dash Gates

1st place drops gates. Drive through them for for free miniturbos!

Gates are in the same place for all players; throw your weight around to keep your opponents away.

Faster characters drop more gates. Heavier characters drop bigger gates.

When you hold onto items, gate boosts slowly get weaker. Use your item to restore them to full strength.

Technical Recovery

When recovering from spinout, explosions, or squish, hold ACCEL to get a quick boost. Press when you see GO, and you'll recover early!

Characters with high acceleration recover earlier, but mash too early and you'll lose your chance.

The timing won't change, even with high ping.

Neo Hyudoro

While holding Hyudoro, you can see everyone's items! While you're invisible, you'll also speed up slightly.

Items are steal-immune for 3 seconds, but after that, they're fair game. Wreak havoc on greedy smugglers...and if you steal a sneaker, you'll force them to boost?!

That's all you need to know to get started! For a full changelog, plus the design intent behind every change, check out the list below.



Some stuff from previous mods that was already working well.

Dash Gates

Frontrunning is boring for everyone, including the frontrunner. Dash Gates are a magnetic force that pulls the pack together; frontrunners have to consistently defend to hold their position, and players in the pack have constant chances to fight even on the most placid turns.


Vanilla Hyudoro ruins your life with no counterplay, but it also isn't consistently strong enough to feel like a "power item". A less volatile Hyudoro can have its power tuned up a little, solving both of these problems.

Quick Recovery and Technical Recovery

Sneakers are strong. They're a great way to overtake, but they're also one of the best ways to recover from hits, letting you play super aggressively with no fear of reprisal. Quick Recovery gives everyone a taste of that power, and Technical Recovery gives you some control over the situation while offering another stat-balance lever.

Quick Respawn

The punishment for bad driving is bad driving. No need to rub it in.


Sneakers are (still) strong, and they're even stronger when everyone's so much closer together. Gates go a long way towards solving the catchup problem, so certain sneaker edge-cases can be filed down to match other comparable items better.