Tyron's Highly Infringing Music Stash

This page is not an official Kart Krew resource. Please don't bother them about this page, they're busy.

I don't really own anything here to begin with, so I can't tell you what you can and can't use. Go wild. Also, I really like vote screen stuff because it's someplace everyone's guaranteed to spend a lot of time, but a good amount of these would work anywhere else.

lapix - Loneliness feat. 中村さんそ Bouncy and LOUD AS FUCK :0—might return to this song to finish a VOTE/VOTEEA/VOTEEB set for some vague server plans.
chibi-tech - 雨色の時間 Small intro fade intended for O_VOTE. Didn't end up finding equally good splices from this song, though, maybe a result theme instead?
chibi-tech - くものおと Intended O_VOTEEA but honestly works better as, like, anything else. Kinda long but didn't feel right otherwise.
chibi-tech - 雨色の時間 O_VOTEEB splice attempt. The volume drop is pretty drastic and it didn't turn out the way I'd hoped, but maybe killing the dynamic range is all that it needs?
ak+q - Ignotus Intended O_VOTE. Ignotus is a bitch to loop because of how often the melody leads in a beat early. This needed a kick from another verse to sound reasonably seamless.
ak+q - Ignotus Intended O_VOTEEA. speeeeeeen
ak+q - Ignotus Intended O_VOTEEB. Cheeky reverb splice using the "anomaly" shutter close sound.
猫叉Master - Select (Present Phase, card entry ver.) [IIDX22 PENDUAL] Could be used for a ton of things, but IIDX dynamic menu music cries out for O_VOTE. Where's the bass tho
猫叉Master - Select (Present Phase, song select ver.) [IIDX22 PENDUAL] oh there it is. This is weird to volume level because each part is actually a separate file.
猫叉Master - Decide (Present Phase ver.) [IIDX22 PENDUAL] Thematically appropriate O_VOTEEB.
Select (Omega Attack) [IIDX20 TRICORO] O_VOTE on :D? rev. Smooth vibes.
Select, again (Omega Attack) [IIDX20 TRICORO] O_VOTEEA on :D? rev. hahahaha I didn't play Tricoro in arcades so I don't know exactly where this is used
Decide (Omega Attack) [IIDX20 TRICORO] O_VOTEEB on :D? rev. I also don't know who's responsible for this, though it can only be so many artists tbh.
Matsuko Mawatari - Smiling Bomb (Instruction Version) MAKYOU TOITSUSEN YO ULLLL. Probably a decent O_WAIT2J. This game is good and its music is also good. You may have heard another track from Sonic 1 @ SAGE 2010.
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi - Meaning of the Light Genesis Outrunners is bad. Short loop suitable for result screen stuff maybe?