Unofficial SRB2Kart FAQ

This resource is maintained by a random dude who got tired of answering similar questions. Solutions and viewpoints expressed here have fuck-all to do with Kart Krew. Do not bother them about the contents of this page.

How do I install the game? Make a new folder for Kart and move the file you downloaded into it. (Don't put it inside Program Files.) Double-click the downloaded file and extract. When that's finished, double-click the "SRB2Kart (Standard)" or "SRB2Kart (OpenGL)" files. You're done!
Do I have to port forward to host a server over the Internet? YES
Is there single-player content that isn't Record Attack? Not yet. Bots are planned for a later version, but that won't be coming for a while.
I get an error about the Master Server after hosting a netgame for a few minutes. This is a bug in the Windows version of the game. A patched version with several community fixes is available here.
How can I play online with [my favorite character addon]? Find a server that hosts that character, or host a server yourself. A server's addon choice determines what's available to players.
How do I turn on 3D models? Launch the game using the OpenGL renderer—on Windows, you can do this by launching "SRB2Kart (OpenGL).bat". Then enable models from Video Options.
I tried hosting a server but no one can connect. Help!

You need to forward port 5029 over UDP. You may also need to allow the game through your firewall.

If your server is on this list with a red "X" in the Ping column, you didn't port forward correctly.

My server doesn't appear on the master server at all. Make sure your server is in Online Mode and set to either the Casual or Standard rooms.
(Servers at 15/15 players will sometimes temporarily disappear from the list—this is a known bug.)
I can't join any servers; it keeps saying I have different addons loaded. Don't load any addons before joining servers; the game will add them automatically for you. If you've already loaded addons, you need to restart the game and try again.
I'm stuck at "Waiting to download files" or "Waiting to download game state" when joining a server. Try again—if it doesn't work on the second attempt, close the game, let the host know that their server is having trouble, and find another server. This is a known bug in the in-game downloader, and unfortunately it requires the host's attention to fix.
How can I add my server to the index? Find me at TyroneSama#3292. Please do not contact me on behalf of other server owners.
My controller is fucked up and doesn't work. Check to make sure your controller axes and buttons are properly configured. You may also need to check for conflicts in virtual gamepad mappers, like vJoy.
The default configuration is made with Xbox 360 controllers in mind, so anything that will translate your controller to a virtual 360 controller might help.
I'm trying to join a server, but it says I can't download the files. What gives? The in-game downloader is terrible. Many hosts choose to leave it disabled. If the server you're trying to join is listed on, you can grab its addons from there.
My game crashed with a message about "$$$.sav". What's happening? Don't install the game to Program Files, or any other folder already used by Windows. Give it its own folder, far away from that stuff.
How do I get unbanned from a netgame server? Ask the host politely, in a language they are likely to understand. Showing remorse for your actions generally helps. Generally try not to be terrible.
Is "" pronounced "hy-uck" like Goofy says it, or like the "yook" in "Yooka Laylee" with a silent h? Please stop this. You've taken everything from me.