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What is How does it work? I was just linked here and have no idea what's going on. 🔗

The in-game downloader is bad. Many server hosts create a "file index" so that people can download their mods from somewhere else instead. is an index of these indexes—a "meta-index".

If you want to join a server, but don't have the mods yet, you can check here for the name of the server you're trying to join. Click the name, and you'll be taken to that host's index, where you can download their files.

How do I install addons/mods? 🔗

Download them from the file indexes, the SRB2 message board, or the SRB2Kart character chart. Place them in your SRB2Kart folder—anywhere will work, but I recommend using a subfolder to keep them organized. Then load them through the Addons menu in-game, or by using addfile in the console.

Remember, if you're trying to join a game, do not load any addons yourself!

To unload addons, restart the game.

How do I host a server / play a private game with friends? 🔗

If you think you've followed these steps, but still run into errors, see below.

muh server no work: the masterpost 🔗

Look for your problem below.

Master Server socket error / Connection to Master Server failed

Server doesn't show in the list

Server is in the list, but everyone gets "Connecting to server" forever

People get "Unable to download files" when connecting to my server

NetXCmd errors during startup / while loading config

Your config is trying to do too many things at once. This usually happens because you're trying to use addfile too many times; load your addons with the -file parameter instead (recommended), or add wait commands in between them (lazy and bad).

Image provided by Ampersand, who is tired of telling people to go get mservfix

When I try to join a server, I see the message "You have WAD files loaded or have modified the game in some way, and your file list does not match the server's file list." What gives? 🔗

Don't load any addons before joining servers; the game will add them automatically for you. If you've already loaded addons, you need to restart the game and try again.

How do I join my own server? 🔗

Launch the game on another port, then specify the port of your server when connecting.

Example: srb2kart.exe -port 0 -connect

How do I install the game? 🔗

Make a new folder for Kart and move the file you downloaded into it. (Don't put it inside Program Files.) Double-click the downloaded file and extract. When that's finished, double-click the "SRB2Kart (Standard)" or "SRB2Kart (OpenGL)" files. You're done!

On startup, I get "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b)." What gives?🔗

This is almost always because you're using 32-bit DLLs with a 64-bit game, or vice versa. Double-check that you're using the right executable. (Most community builds are 32-bit!)

Is there single-player content that isn't Record Attack? 🔗

Not yet. Bots are planned for a later version, but that won't be coming for a while.

I loaded a bunch of characters and some of them are missing, or their stats or portraits are screwed up. What's happening? 🔗

There is a hard limit of 128 skins. Make sure you're not going over this value.

How can I play online with [my favorite character addon]? 🔗

Find a server that hosts that character, or host a server yourself. A server's addon choice determines what's available to players.

How do I turn on 3D models? 🔗

Launch the game using the OpenGL renderer, using the -opengl parameter. On Windows, you can also do this by launching the included SRB2Kart (OpenGL).bat.

Once you've done this, an option for 3D Models should appear under Video Options.

(I pity you.)

I'm stuck at "Waiting to download files" or "Waiting to download game state" when joining a server. 🔗

Try again—if it doesn't work on the second attempt, close the game, let the host know that their server is having trouble, and find another server. This is a known bug in the in-game downloader, and unfortunately it requires the host's attention to fix.

How can I add my server to the index? 🔗

Find me at TyroneSama#3292. Please do not contact me on behalf of other server owners.

My controller is fucked up and doesn't work. 🔗

Check to make sure your controller axes and buttons are properly configured; there is a separate screen for mapping triggers and sticks! You may also need to check for conflicts in virtual gamepad mappers, like vJoy.
The default configuration is made with Xbox 360 controllers in mind, so anything that will translate your controller to a virtual 360 controller might help.

I'm trying to join a server, but it says I can't download the files. What gives? 🔗

This can either be on purpose—the server host doesn't want you to use the in-game downloader—or it can be on accident, because the host hasn't configured their server properly. Look for a link to an index in the server name. When in doubt, ask.

If the server you're trying to join is listed on, you can grab its addons from there.

Hosts: If players are getting this error from you, you probably need to raise maxsend. Also double-check that downloading is On.

My game crashed with a message about "$$$.sav". What's happening? 🔗

Don't install the game to Program Files, or any other folder already used by Windows. Give it its own folder, far away from that stuff.

My game is stuck on the Kart Krew logo with a message about "I_InitJoystick()". What's wrong? 🔗

Kart is getting stuck trying to connect to your gamepad. Unplug any connected controllers and try again.

How do I combine multiple characters/maps/mods/addons into a single file? 🔗

Never do this. Repacks cause confusion, add complication, piss off addon creators, and are not worth it no matter what you think your reasons are.

How do I get unbanned from a netgame server? 🔗

Contact the host and politely explain your case. Whatever you do, don't throw a fit in the Kart Krew Discord, or you'll get banned from there as well.

Has [insert character] been made yet? 🔗

Use the search function on the SRB2 message board, or check the SRB2 Wiki for a character chart.

Can someone make [insert mod] for me? 🔗

Modding can be demanding work, and almost everyone with the required expertise and time is already busy working on projects they're personally interested in.

Make it yourself! There are tutorials everywhere—you only need a little knowledge to get started, and if you're considerate, experienced modders will usually be happy to help.

If not, find a favorite artist, mapper, or programmer and (politely) ask if they're open for commissions. (With money. Because modding is hard.)

How do I open the console? 🔗

Press the ~ key. It's the one above Tab, if you can't find it or you're on a non-US layout.

Note that this only works during games or on the title screen. If you're in the menus, nothing will happen; back out with the ESC key until your screen looks like the picture below.


Everyone: Don't panic. This happens every now and again, but things will be back to normal before long.

Players: You can still keep playing netgames even during an outage! The main page lists IPs / hostnames for many popular servers. Use James' server viewer to check whether they're active, then connect to them directly. If a server is stalling unusually frequently, ask the host (politely!) to read this page.

Hosts: Enter masterserver "" in your console to disable MS contact and stop those annoying freezes. Remember to set it back when this blows over—typing masterserver alone will show you the default.

How do I convert .LMP replays to another format? 🔗

.LMP files can only be read by SRB2Kart. Press F9 to use the in-game GIF recorder, or use your favorite screen recording software—I recommend OBS Studio. (Note: the in-game recorder will not work in OpenGL mode.)

Will V2 allow disabling rings? 🔗

It's not even out yet. I bet you'll like it when it comes out.


Is "" pronounced "hy-uck" like Goofy says it, or like the "yook" in "Yooka Laylee" with a silent h? 🔗

Please stop this. You've taken everything from me.